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A Guide To Front Door Replacements

May 23, 2022

Choosing the right door for your entryway is not an easy undertaking. There’s every chance that you’ll make a huge error that will be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, it’s always necessary to pay considerable attention to front door replacements before making your decision. Here is a guide to front door replacements that can help you avoid costly errors. 1. Consider the Design of Your Home The design of your house is one of the first things you need to think about when you’re looking for a new front door. If you have a traditional home, it’s best to choose a door that... View Article

Springtime Home Window and Door Maintenance Tips

March 31, 2022

Springtime Home Window and Door Maintenance Tips Properly maintained windows and doors keep your home safe and maintain its aesthetics. However, the winter season may come with challenges when it comes to maintaining windows and doors. When spring comes, you have the opportunity to inspect them and do any repairs. Read on to learn some window and door maintenance tips. Clean Them Cleaning windows and doors is one of the easiest yet very important maintenance methods for windows. Dusty windows are not only ugly, but they also pose health risks to the occupants of your home as they may cause... View Article

What Is the Difference Between Fiberglass and Vinyl Windows?

March 27, 2022

Whether you’re having a new home built, or it’s time to update and replace the windows in your existing home, you have decisions to make. Long ago, wood-framed windows were just about the only choice you had. There are now several choices when it comes to your window needs. What are the best choices and why? For most, it comes down to viny vs fiberglass windows. Most people generally decide on one of these due to options, energy efficiency, and cost. Let’s break down the vinyl and fiberglass window differences and help you decide what is right for your home. Vinyl... View Article

The Importance of a Proper New Door Installation

March 4, 2022

The comedian Milton Berle once said, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” While he was speaking metaphorically, his point still stands. Doors are our portals to the world and to new opportunities and experiences. They’re also usually the first thing our guests see when they come to visit our homes. Proper door installation is vital not only to your home’s aesthetic appeal but to its functionality as well. If your front door or garage door has seen better days, you might want to consider new door installation. Because of its purpose and how much you use it, proper door... View Article

How Long Does Home Window Installation Usually Take?

February 18, 2022

Windows often serve as our gateway to the outside world. Unfortunately, they have a shelf life. Even if you take great care of your windows and have them cleaned often, eventually you’ll need to replace them. When doing research, you’ll likely want to know the average length of window installation. This makes sense because you’ll want to minimize the amount of time your house is exposed to the elements. In this article, we’ll cover how long window installation takes, in addition to answering some other frequently asked questions. How often should you have your home’s windows replaced? Before deciding to... View Article

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