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5 Tips for Keeping Your Windows Clean This Winter

September 30, 2022

House cleaning is essential to keeping your home and property in good condition. Your windows help keep your home looking stylish and comfortable, but they also take more than heat and cold. As a result, they collect dirt and grime along the way, depending on the season and their location. While window cleaning may seem normal during other seasons, it can be extra challenging during winter. If you’re wondering how to keep windows clean in winter, this post is for you. Why Is It That I Cant Keep My Windows Clean in Winter? The reasons why windows get dirty during winter vary from... View Article

Best Home Windows for Cold Climates

September 26, 2022

Windows are one of the biggest energy losses in homes. You can have a great home that is energy efficient, but if the windows are not good and secure you can lose a great deal of heat through them, making your home very uncomfortable. If you live in a very cold climate, it is especially important to find the right windows for your home. Cold Climate Windows For Home Improvement The right windows can make all the difference and can help you stay warm, even in the coldest of climates. Winter window frames are a must if you want to... View Article

Proper Wooden Door Care

August 18, 2022

Your home’s doors serve not only as a point of entry and exit but also as a piece of your home’s overall style and appearance. You want to keep your wood and iron doors looking good and knowing how to care for your doors to keep them looking new can ensure they last for many years. The following wood door maintenance tips can help you keep your doors in top condition and with care, they can last for 20 years, if not more. Four Tips for Wood Door Care Remember to Dust Your Doors: Dusting is a regular part of... View Article

5 Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

August 18, 2022

There are good reasons to replace your windows from time to time. At AWD, this is something that we can help our customers out with when necessary. The benefits of brand new windows often outweigh the costs associated with getting these set up for many of our customers, and that is absolutely something we can help them get. The top benefits of replacing your windows is something that we want to go over today.   Higher Home Value An increased home value is a natural benefit of getting window replacement. There is a cost associated with window replacement, but owners can... View Article

Front Door Ideas To Make Your Home Stick Out!

July 25, 2022

It’s normal for you to want to make your home stand out. One way to do that is to decorate, adorn, or change your front door. These are some front door ideas to make your home stick out.  Hang a Wreath It doesn’t have to be a certain holiday for you to hang a wreath on your door. You can visit a physical or online home improvement store to look for the perfect item to place there. Little things sometimes mean a lot, so don’t be afraid to try this small change first.   Handpaint It With a Unique Color... View Article

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