The Benefits of Using LoĒ-i89 Coated Windows

August 26, 2019

Nowadays, your windows are much more than something you use to look outside of your home. Modern advancements have made them akin to the insulation in your walls while allowing plenty of sunlight into your space. There’s no better example of advanced window technology than windows with LoĒ-i89 coating. Keep reading to learn a few of the advantages of installing these energy efficient windows in Glenwood Springs, CO:

  • More comfortable interior: First off, windows with LoĒ-i89 coating are proven to make the inside of your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Instead of absorbing heat from sunlight, as a normal window would, LoĒ-i89 reflects it outward, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature every day of the year. The heat that does manage to get through the window is kept inside of your home instead of escaping back outside, making an even nicer indoor climate.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency: Many people will tell you the best way to keep your home energy efficient is to install triple-pane windows. While this is an option, you don’t necessarily need to go that far. You can achieve the same energy efficiency with double-pane windows with LoĒ-i89 coating as you can with triple-pane windows. Just be sure to have your new windows installed by a professional to ensure optimal performance.
  • Scratch resistance: Regardless of how it’s caused, a huge scratch down your window is a bad look. The worst part of scratches is that they’re nearly impossible to remove unless the scratch is very light. Add another layer of protection to your windows with LoĒ-i89 coating! Though your window will be better at resisting scratches, the surface will still be nice and smooth, just like any other window on the market.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: Cleaning your windows can be a huge pain, especially for homeowners with children or pets running around. Thankfully, windows with LoĒ-i89 coating are easy to clean! You’ll love having nice, clean windows that aren’t full of smudges from tiny hands or nose-prints from your pets.
  • Less condensation: When the humidity inside of your home is too high, condensation tends to collect on the window glass. This isn’t the end of the world if the water droplets stay on the glass, but that’s not typically the case. If left alone, that water will drip down and could start to rot the window sill or frame. LoĒ-i89 coating helps reduce the condensation inside, protecting your windows from any rotting wood.
  • Cost-efficient installation: As mentioned above, LoĒ-i89 coating offers the same energy-efficient properties as triple-pane windows. However, the cost to add the coating is far less expensive than that of replacing all of your windows. Don’t break the bank trying to be energy efficient—instead, talk to your window technician about adding LoĒ-i89 coating.

If you’re ready to start saving money on energy bills while staying comfortable in your home, call Architectural Windows & Doors, Inc. and schedule an appointment to install LoĒ-i89 coated windows! As long as they’re installed by our team of professionals, you’ll have the most energy efficient windows in Glenwood Springs, CO.

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