Top Benefits of Adding Window Walls to Your Mountainside Home

February 5, 2020

Looking for a way to improve your view of the natural world, bringing the outdoors into your home? You might consider adding a window wall to your mountainside home. Window walls provide enhanced views and aesthetic benefits to your home and will provide outstanding returns for many years to come.

Here are just a few examples of designer window benefits in Glenwood Springs, CO, including the implementation of window walls in mountainside homes:

  • Much more natural light: Rather than relying on lighting inside your home that sucks up electricity, you can make the most of your outstanding views by opening up your walls for window walls, allowing sunlight to go to work in your home to give it plenty of natural light that will save you a lot of money on electricity bills. Bringing this additional lighting into your home will allow it to extend farther into your interior spaces, reducing your reliance on lighting fixtures during the daytime.
  • Connection to the outdoor world: Window walls will, of course, vastly improve your views of the outdoors, which is especially beneficial when you live in the mountains and have beautiful scenery to enjoy every single day. They also allow you to make the outdoors a sort of backdrop in your room, making it an interior design element for you to take into account. The outdoors just feels a whole lot closer when you use a window wall. You can even add in larger door openings that make the lines between the indoor and outdoor world even less apparent.
  • Spaces feel larger: Using large areas with window walls can make small, compact spaces feel much larger than they actually are. It just feels like you have a lot more air to breathe when you have huge views of the outdoors with lots of natural light. Your spatial perception completely changes with a window wall.
  • Passive heating: In some cases, windows that let in a lot of light can also let in a lot of heat, which can be a drawback in the summer. However, if you plan for this, you can actually harness the benefits of passive heat during the winter while working around it during the summer. Let in the natural light and warmth even on chilly winter days when snow is on the ground, and in summer you can implement strategies to block some direct light, including shading devices, high-performance films or glass, smart placement of trees and vegetation or large roof overhangs.
  • Value: Window walls are a highly attractive design feature, especially in areas with outstanding views of the outdoors, so implementing them in your home can add quite a bit of value to your home in the event that you ever decide to sell.

If you’re interested in learning more about some of the biggest examples of designer window benefits in Glenwood Springs, CO, which include large-scale window walls and other similar features, we encourage you to reach out to the team at Architectural Windows & Doors, Inc. today.

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