Why You Should Consider Upgrading to Designer Window Treatments

March 4, 2020

There are a lot of ways you can use your home’s décor to express your own personal style. One of these methods is to use designer window treatments. Here are just a few examples of some of the reasons you should consider upgrading your window treatments to something that makes more of a statement. A designer window supplier in Glenwood Springs, CO will be able to ensure your windows and your window treatments complement each other nicely!

Play with colors

The vast majority of window treatments you’ll find in big box stores will be in white, or another plain, neutral color. This is because these types of colors will fit well in just about any home. However, it sort of limits you in terms of your options and can prevent you from really making some interesting or unique style choices. You might instead wish to choose something bolder, or a little less cliché.

You can instead select colorful window coverings and treatments that complement your paint colors, furniture and other décor. You don’t have to just stick to solid colors, either—you can find plenty of other patterns that will allow you to work multiple colors from your room’s palette into the design.

Higher-quality materials

Designer window treatments will almost always use higher-quality materials. You’re not just limited to cheap metal or plastic—you can get linen curtains, woven wood window coverings and higher-quality vinyl, all of which can help you add some luxury, texture and richness into the design of your room. In many cases, these higher-quality materials also help to dampen sound and block out more light.

Improved energy efficiency

Window treatments can influence the level of energy efficiency you’re able to achieve in your home. Warm and cold air tend to escape through windows, even relatively efficient ones, so if you use high-quality window treatments, this can help you to maintain an ideal air temperature in your space and prevent heat transference into or out of your home. High-quality blinds or shutters that are kept closed will do much more to prevent this phenomenon than lower-quality materials.

Better privacy

Window treatments have a couple main purposes: to block out sunlight and to offer you additional privacy. High-quality window coverings aren’t just for aesthetics, though there are certainly plenty of ways in which you can improve the interior aesthetics of your home with designer window treatments. They also provide you with the extra level of privacy you need to feel comfortable in your home, especially at night time.

If privacy is a concern, you should avoid sheer materials, as these will be quite translucent. Instead, you should look for solid materials that are durable and opaque, like heavy fabrics or wood. If privacy isn’t a concern, though, because you’re out in a rural area with few neighbors, you can get window treatments that are easier to open or see through so you’re not fully obstructing your view.

For information about some of the biggest benefits associated with working with designer window suppliers in Glenwood Springs, CO, contact Architectural Windows & Doors, Inc. today. We specialize in high-end windows and doors, creating custom products as well as carrying options by many of the industry’s top brands.

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