A Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Front Door

May 18, 2020

Your home’s front door is part of its first impression, and choosing the right one can make a big difference in how it looks. It should be of the highest quality, not only for aesthetic purposes, but because it needs to protect your home from the elements, stay closed against intruders and even help save money on your utility bills.

No door lasts forever, so when you notice cracking, warping, peeling or even rotting in the door and around the door frame, it’s time to consider replacing your front door. Replacing your wooden front door is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your home and improve its security—visit your local unique wooden door supplier in Glenwood Springs, CO, like Architectural Windows & Doors, Inc., to pick out your home’s new front door.

Do I need to replace the door frame, too?

Depending on whether your front door and frame are damaged, you might be able to swap one door out for another. In cases where the door frame is off-kilter or damaged, however, you’ll need to rip out the door frame and threshold, correct any issues and install the new frame. If you want to choose a wider door or double doors, you’ll need to do the same and widen the entry hole.

If you don’t have to replace the frame, make sure you get a door with the lock on the appropriate side—an easy-to-overlook consideration when you’ve fallen in love with a new door.

Choosing the right wooden front door

Wood doors are the most common type of front door, offering plenty of protection and sturdiness. They come in two major categories: solid wood and “sandwiched” veneer. Solid wood doors are of much higher quality, less prone to warping and often are more attractive. They’re also more expensive, so be prepared to pay more for better quality. For heavier doors, you can have them motorized and automated.

If solid wood isn’t in your budget, there are plenty of veneer doors that can provide an attractive alternative. These doors usually have wood veneer panels on either side of an engineered-wood core, which helps resist warping. The veneers should be more than 1/16 inch thick—thinner veneers won’t stand up to wear and tear as well. Those doors often come with a layer of insulation inside the core that helps prevent heat transfer.

Look for pre-finished doors that use polyurethane to protect the door, especially if it’s painted. The thicker and more high-gloss the finish, the better protected the door will be. Be sure to ask your door supplier what the coating is and how it compares to other brands.

Local unique wooden door supplier in Glenwood Springs, CO

For all your high-end wooden door and window needs, Architectural Windows & Doors, Inc. has you covered. Set the right tone for your home when you choose one of our unique wooden front doors. Whatever image you want to project, we can help—call us today to set up an appointment.

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