Advantages of Choosing High-End Windows for Your Home

June 1, 2020

The benefits of using high-end windows in your Glenwood Springs, CO home aren’t limited to aesthetics—they can also improve your comfort and lower your utility bills, among other things. When choosing high-end windows for your home, opt for the best windows you can afford. Over the long term, they’ll save you money and will also increase the purchase price should you ever decide to sell your home.

Of course, beautiful windows can transform your home from average to a work of art. The “mountain modern” style is particularly popular in the Glenwood Springs area—this home design utilizes larger expanses of glass and open floor plans to bring the outdoors inside. If you’re considering new windows, this sophisticated look will bring you years of beauty and a higher property value.

Here are the advantages of investing in high-end windows:

  • Save money on your utility bills: We all want to save money, especially during the sweltering summers and snowy winters. Installing high-end windows will help your home prevent heat transfer, so your heater and air conditioner won’t have to work overtime. This is especially important if your home embraces the mountain modern style—more windows mean more heat in the house.
  • Protect your home from harmful UV rays: Today’s high-end windows come with better UV protection, which helps prevent skin cancer as well as the fading of your carpet and upholstery. Protect your belongings and your family by getting windows with special UV-blocking coating.
  • Better safety features: High-end windows often come with better safety features. They’re engineered to keep intruders out (and are shatter resistant), but they also have childproof locks to keep your kids in. They also have emergency exit features, should you need to get out of your home fast.
  • Keep the noise out: Better windows mean better insulation, both for heat and for noise. If you’re living in a rural area with no neighbors for miles around, this might not be a concern, but living in a neighborhood can get noisy. Keep the sounds of sirens, children and loud parties outside when you get windows with great insulation.
  • Better draft protection: You get what you pay for, so don’t be surprised if you buy cheap windows and experience a lot of drafts. Higher-quality windows are designed to keep drafts out, and often offer significantly better workmanship than regular stock windows.
  • Higher property value: Finally, new high-end windows will add to your property value. Buyers want windows with the latest UV and heat transfer-blocking technology, and quality windows significantly improve the exterior appearance of a home. Most sellers find that they’re able to recoup most, if not all, of their investment after replacing their windows.

With all these benefits of high-end windows in Glenwood Springs, CO, it’s easy to see why you should get the best windows that you can afford. Interested in finding the right fit? Call Architectural Windows & Doors, Inc. to set up an appointment to look at windows. We look forward to showing you your options and helping you make your selection.

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