Defining Architectural Windows and Doors

August 7, 2020

Architectural windows and doors refer to doors and windows that are customized to the architectural design of a home. They are a necessary design for historic homes and any home that has a unique style. Customers who seek these types of doors and windows must purchase them from unique exterior door suppliers in Glenwood Springs, CO who have specialized architectural knowledge and can ensure the end product does not detract from the home’s qualities.

Here are three elements that make architectural windows and doors stand out from the typical designs:

  • Authenticity: Homes were not always cookie-cutter structures laid out in large developments. They often reflected the personalities and tastes of their original owners. Victorian homes are noted for their embellishment and the different shapes of their windows. Midcentury modern homes often have large windows, open floor plans and stylized features that make their exteriors stand out. Architectural windows and doors embrace these designs so the windows match the authentic styles of these unique homes. Whether your home features stained glass, bold colors or stylized trim, these windows and doors can be made to match it.
  • Modern quality: An authentic appearance does not exclude modern attributes. Not only do these specialized windows work for your Queen Anne, but they also offer modern developments like insulation. You do not have to suffer single-paned windows, winter drafts or wasted air conditioning. Your windows can still keep heating and cooling in while looking like they have been on your home since it was built. Doors are also better insulated, especially wooden doors, which already offer advantages in insulation and security. You will still enjoy modern convenience while maintaining a period aesthetic.
  • Curb appeal: Architectural doors and windows are designed to match your home. You do not need to change the unique attributes of your home just to enjoy upgraded doors and windows. Since these custom features will match your home, it will enhance your building’s historic status and show off its design attributes. There’s no reason to force your home into a modern mold if it shines better with designs from its own century. Our doors and windows can help make that scenario a reality and keep modern designs from detracting from what makes your home distinctive.

There are several brands and options for architectural windows and doors. Arcadia is known for craftsmanship and Loewen, Weiland and Windsor also offer options for modern and historic homes. If you are interested in custom wood doors, those can happen as well. Whether you want carriage-style or typical entry doors, it is possible to create them and enhance them with glass inlays, stained glass, shadowbox cutting and brass door knockers. Your only limits are your vision and imagination.

Architectural Windows & Doors, Inc. is among the unique exterior door suppliers doing business in Glenwood Springs, CO. If your home requires extra attention to detail and custom doors to match it, contact us today to get started on the design process and make a bold statement with your home.

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