Tips for Preparing Your Home’s Windows for Winter in Aspen

October 6, 2020

Aspen, CO sits 8,000 feet above sea level, and Glenwood Springs’ elevation is 5,761 feet. This high elevation, along with our location in the Rocky Mountains, means Glenwood Springs and Aspen experience rough winter seasons. As one of the best window suppliers in Aspen and Glenwood Springs, CO, we recommend homeowners take the following steps to protect their windows from the harsh winter conditions.

How to prep your windows for winter

When customers visit the best window suppliers in Aspen, CO, they often ask about maintaining and caring for their new windows after installation. The most important preventative maintenance task you can complete for your windows is preparing them for heavy winds, low temperatures and snow:

  • Weatherstripping: Check to see if there are gaps or spaces between the weatherstripping and the window. The weatherstripping should create a seal that prevents heat loss. Replace any broken or torn weatherstripping to ensure the heated air your HVAC system put out doesn’t escape.
  • Dehumidify: Condensation builds up on your windows when the warm, moist air that your HVAC unit puts out comes in contact with cooler, drier air. While we get quite a bit of snow here in the Rocky Mountains, we still maintain a low humidity level outdoors. To minimize condensation on your windows, use a dehumidifier or exhaust fans to circulate air better and reduce moisture.
  • Storm windows: Replace your window screens with storm windows. Screens don’t have the durability to withstand winter’s wind and snow, whereas storm windows get through the season much better. You’ll want to swap out storm windows come spring and continue this cycle year in and year out.
  • Add insulation: There’s insulation throughout your home that moderates the internal temperature. To further protect your home from the freezing winter conditions, look into your window insulation options, such as clear plastic sheets or window wrap kits. Insulating your windows significantly decreases the amount of cold air that comes in through your windows.
  • Handle any repairs: Chipped, cracked and broken windows should be fixed or replaced before winter begins. If you don’t have experience handling these jobs, call a professional to make sure these repairs provide the protection you, your family and your home need during the winter.
  • Install energy-efficient windows: In Glenwood Springs and Aspen, investing in energy-efficient windows for your home goes a long way toward reducing your utility bills month over month. These windows allow you to heat your home to a comfortable temperature without wasting precious energy resources.

Our homes should provide comfort and warmth, especially during the harsh winter months. However, suppose your home feels cold during the winter despite your best efforts to heat it thoroughly. In that case, it’s worth speaking with Architectural Windows & Doors, Inc., one of the best window suppliers in Aspen and Glenwood Springs, CO. We’ll identify any issues with your windows that cause hot air to escape and cold air to seep into your house. We can also discuss upgrading your home to energy-efficient windows to lower your energy consumption and your heating bills. Schedule an appointment today before the temperatures drop and the first snow of the season arrives.

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