Top Reasons to Consider Using a Wooden Exterior Door at Your Mountainside Home

February 26, 2021

A mountainside locale is a dream for many homeowners. If you’re making this dream a reality, it’s important to choose the best property features for your mountainside home. As you consider roofing, siding, windows and more, don’t forget to give special attention to your front door. A wooden exterior door from your custom wood door supplier in Glenwood Springs, CO might be the ideal choice. Here’s why:

  • Custom beauty: When it comes to the entry of your home, aesthetics is key. And when it comes to exterior doors, nothing can compare to a beautiful, solid wood door. This look is the perfect match to your mountainside setting, to give your home a gorgeous, inviting entry.
  • Durable construction: Your custom wood door supplier in Glenwood Springs, CO can provide a quality door that will last. Faux wood options simply don’t stand up over time, especially when they face mountain climate conditions. Choosing a wooden exterior door is a good long-term investment in your home.
  • Reduced maintenance: When you choose durable construction, you’re also choosing to reduce the amount of maintenance required on your home. A solidly constructed wooden exterior door will need little attention over the years and will not need replacement for an extended period of time. To reduce hassle and save time and money, consult with your custom wood door supplier in Glenwood Springs, CO to choose a low-maintenance wooden door for your mountainside home.
  • Energy efficiency: As you design your mountainside home, consider what features will help improve energy efficiency and reduce utility bills. For your entry, a wooden exterior door provides a great deal more insulation than other options. A solid wooden door that helps keep cold air outside in the winter and cool air inside in the summer will make your home more energy efficient.
  • Soundproofing: What noises might you want to keep out of your mountainside home? Creatures? Construction? Children? Wood doors add a layer of soundproofing to your entry. Your custom wood door supplier in Glenwood Springs, CO can help you choose the best wood to muffle the sounds of animals, neighbors, vehicles and more.
  • Fire resistance: Any feature that can add fire resistance to your home is good to consider. Woodgrain is available in 20-, 60- and 90-minute fire rated options to help protect your home in case of fire. Your custom wood door supplier in Glenwood Springs, CO can provide more information about fire resistance options and requirements for exterior doors.

One more thing to consider

As you consider choosing a wooden exterior door for your mountainside home, it’s important to partner with the right custom wood door supplier in Glenwood Springs, CO. For quality products and service, contact the team at Architectural Windows & Doors, Inc. As experts in the door and window industry, we take great pride in assisting our customers with finding the perfect features for their mountainside home. If you are looking for quality and luxury solutions for your front door, contact us today to schedule an expert consultation.

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