Which Wood Is Best for Front Doors?

March 22, 2021

Looking to add beauty and lasting curb appeal to your property in Glenwood Springs, CO? There’s nothing that says quality and elegance quite like a sturdy solid wood front entry door. When it comes to selecting the right front door for your property, you need to think carefully about the type of wood that’s best for your needs. Here’s what you need to know about the characteristics of some of the best woods for your front door.


If you’re looking for a door with superior appearance and durability, mahogany is one of the best woods you can choose for your front door. Investing in a mahogany door is smart for several reasons. The solid color of the wood gets richer over time, adding style and sophistication to any Glenwood Springs, CO home. It’s also a very strong wood, resisting both insects and wood rot. As long as you properly maintain the door, it should look great for several generations. If you want your front door to truly stand the test of time, mahogany is an excellent option.


Walnut is one of the best woods for a front door due to its rich color and durability. It’s usually a rich dark or black color with gorgeous purple undertones, and its density helps to resist rot and other deterioration. One thing to remember about walnut is that you’ll likely notice fading, especially if your front door is consistently exposed to direct sunlight. If you take the time to maintain the finish of the door, you can make sure the wood doesn’t fade and keep your door in great shape for years to come.


Oak comes in a wide variety of species—there are over 600 different types of oak, each with their own unique characteristics. The most common types of oak for front doors include red oak and white oak. This dense wood is extremely strong, making it a great option for a front door. Oak has a very distinct grain pattern and a high tannin content, which keeps the door safe from insect and fungi. When you choose an oak front door, be sure to regularly inspect the finish. Since oak has a wide and varying grain pattern, you need to be sure the finish is intact, or the door will be susceptible to damage from insects or the elements.


If you’re looking for a moisture-resistant door with warm, vibrant color, cherry wood is a great option to consider. Cherry entry doors vary from pinkish brown to dark reddish brown, and the color tends to get deeper and richer over time. This dense and strong wood holds a finish better than any other wood, and is also very resistant to rot and decay. If you want a great-looking door that requires minimal maintenance, you can’t go wrong when it’s made with cherry.

A beautiful front door can transform the look of any home. By carefully selecting the best wood for the front door of your Glenwood Springs, CO home, you’ll turn your entryway into a stylish focal point. Contact Architectural Windows & Doors, Inc. to add the warmth and elegance of wood to the exterior of your home.

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