The Benefits of Wooden Entry Doors for Your Home

April 22, 2021

When you’re considering a new entry door for your home, you should consider getting a wooden one in Glenwood Springs, CO. Wooden entry doors are timeless, beautiful and will serve your home well over the coming years. While fiberglass and steel doors have their own charms, wooden doors will dramatically improve your home’s appearance. Here are a few of the benefits you’ll receive when you get a wooden entry door.

Natural beauty

Wood entry doors are warm and inviting, no matter which style you choose. Their natural beauty looks great in any architectural style. From ultra-modern to traditional craftsman-style homes, there’s a wooden entry door for every home style.

Some of the most popular wood types include mahogany, oak, walnut, pine and juniper. You can paint them, stain them or otherwise finish them to work with your home’s style and color. The possibilities are endless.

Great insulation

Wooden entry doors also provide great insulation. Wood is a poor heat conductor, which means it will prevent heat transfer in your home. When warm air meets cool air, the warm air flows into the colder areas until the temperature evens out. This is why you need insulation in extreme temperatures—the insulation prevents this heat transfer, so hot air stays outside in the summer, and inside during the winter.

Wooden doors can also be treated with special paints and finishes in order to enhance their insulation properties. Bonus: The insulation isn’t just helpful for temperature. Wooden doors are also great for soundproofing.


Solid wood doors will stand the test of time. Although they do need a little extra attention to prevent rotting or warping, they’re sturdy and can last for many years. When you invest in a high-quality wooden door, you can expect decades of service. They’re guaranteed to stand up to weather conditions as well as attempts to force entry—as long as you get a well-made entry door.

Corrosion resistant

Wooden doors are also corrosion resistant, unlike metal doors. As you may know, Colorado’s extreme temperatures can be quite corrosive to other entry doors. Not only do they resist rust, but they’re also good protection from heat, wind, snow, ice, rain and hail. Your door will look great and keep your home safe for years to come.

Easily customizable

Finally, wooden entry doors are completely customizable. Whether you want to choose a specific stain or paint, include windows or add other architectural features, you’ll love the design potential. It’s also great when you want to change your front door’s look without investing in an entirely new door.

Whatever your reasons for choosing wooden entry doors in Glenwood Springs, CO, your home is sure to benefit. You’ll love the insulation qualities as well as the natural beauty, corrosion resistance and minimal upkeep involved.

To see our high-quality wood entry doors for yourself, call or stop by Architectural Windows & Doors, Inc. We have a robust selection of wooden entry doors that will suit every home, and can help you pick out the right one for your needs.

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