Top Five Reasons to Consider Hurricane Windows for Your Home

April 5, 2021

Are you considering investing in impact-resistant windows for your home? Even in a place like Glenwood Springs, CO, hurricane windows are a smart addition to a home—when it comes to windows, they don’t get much more durable than this. Here are some of the benefits of installing hurricane windows at your home.

Hurricane windows provide increased security and protection

Hurricane windows and impact-resistant windows in general aren’t only made to stand up to storms and other elements of nature—they also provide the highest level of protection for your home and its contents.

When you work with a professional installer to select quality windows for your property, you’ll notice the superior protection of these windows is due to their construction. A typical hurricane window is made from several layers of glass or other synthetic materials. The density of the layers makes shattering and penetration very difficult. For example, if a criminal tries to enter your house through the windows, they’ll have a very hard time getting in. Instead of shattering and providing easy entry, impact glass splinters but stays in place thanks to a sticky, sturdy inner layer. Installing hurricane windows is your best form of protection for these situations.

Hurricane windows improve your home’s energy efficiency

In Glenwood Springs, CO, the winters can get very cold and the summers can get hot and humid. While there are some ways to improve a traditional window’s energy efficiency, nothing compares to the efficiency of impact-resistant windows. Hurricane windows don’t just have a very tight seal to reduce energy loss—they also have specially designed glass. This glass is designed to reduce solar heat gain in the summer months while retaining heat throughout the winter. You’ll see an immediate savings on your monthly energy bills as soon as you make the switch to hurricane windows.

Hurricane windows are great for curb appeal

As far as appearance, hurricane windows look just like any other windows. They have a clean, unobtrusive look that enhances the curb appeal of any home. You can also choose custom windows to add interesting architectural details to truly make your property stand out for all the right reasons.

Hurricane windows aid in noise reduction

Even faint outside noise can impact your overall quality of life in your home. Hurricane windows have extra-thick, layered glass and super sealed framing. These qualities combined not only prevent air leakage, but also sound leakage, keeping outside noise from the street or raucous neighbors from disrupting your life at home.

Hurricane windows can reduce your insurance premiums

Many insurance companies recognize the benefits of installing hurricane windows and other forms of impact-resistant glass. These windows offer superior protection for your home and its contents, and you’ll likely see a reduction in your monthly insurance premiums after installation.

There are many benefits to installing hurricane windows at your Glenwood Springs, CO home. Contact Architectural Windows & Doors, Inc. to learn more about how hurricane windows are a beautiful and practical addition to any home.

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