How to Protect Your Wooden Doors from Winter Weather

October 12, 2021

A wooden door is not only a beautiful way to embellish the entryway of your home, it’s also a sound investment that can protect your home from the cold winter weather when the seasons change. To get the most life out of it, you should keep up on wooden door maintenance in winter. Here are some things to watch for, as well as some tips for protecting your door from winter weather.

Potential problems

There are a few things to look out for when it comes to wooden doors in cold weather. This is because cold weather in particular can have an effect on wood over time. These effects can impact everything from how the door fits in the frame to the structural integrity of the door itself.

For example, extreme temperature changes over the seasons can cause wood to naturally expand and contract. This may lead to the door warping and creating gaps between the door and the frame, especially at the bottom. If the door starts sticking, this means there is likely a gap somewhere else around the door. That can allow cold air to enter your home and increase your heating costs.

Changes in humidity can also have an effect on wooden doors. The constant drying out of air every season can cause doors to develop cracks over time. This can be especially visible in the inner paneling and frame. This may also lead to paint cracking or chipping away.

Winter maintenance

Wooden door maintenance in winter doesn’t require much attention. Since the potential problems mostly develop over time, as long as you check a few key areas every once in a while, you should be able to spot problems before they get out of hand.

One thing to check when protecting your door from winter weather is how it’s sealed. This is especially important in the first year after your new door is installed. Properly installed sealing strips help keep cold air from passing by the edges of the door in winter, which not only helps keep your door in top shape, but keeps cold air out of your home.

Checking the hinges once in a while can be a good way to keep your wooden door in good shape. Hinges may loosen over time due to warping of the door in cold weather. Making sure they are tight each winter will help keep the door from warping more and preserve the life of the frame as well.

Maintain consistent humidity

One way to fight the dry air of winter is to keep your home at a consistent humidity level. This can be done with proper insulation throughout the home as well as by using a humidifier indoors. This will keep the right amount of moisture in the air and keep it from getting too dry or too humid.

With the right maintenance, your wooden doors can stay beautiful in all seasons for years to come. If you’re considering a new front door for your home, contact Architectural Windows & Doors, Inc. today.

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