Benefits of Replacing Your Windows and Doors During the Winter Months

December 1, 2021

Is it time to replace your windows and doors? Winter might not seem like a good time to tackle this task, but it’s a surprisingly excellent time to do so. Not only are contractors less busy in the colder months, but you can ensure your doors and windows are ready to take on the freezing Colorado winters.

Here’s why you should consider replacing your doors and windows during winter:

  • A slower season: Winter is historically a slow season for building contractors. Inclement weather can make it hard to build a house or add a new roof, but it’s not as much of a challenge when you’re installing new windows or doors. Your home isn’t as exposed. In fact, most installation contractors will only install one new door or window at a time, to prevent heat and energy losses. You can shut the door to that room to ensure the rest of your home stays warm during the installation process.
  • Prepare now for winter cold: Cold temperatures—and drafty old windows and doors—mean your heater will probably be working overtime for the next few months. When your doors and windows have drafts, hot air can escape your home. In turn, your HVAC system has to keep working to warm up the outside air infiltrating your house. Why spend an arm and a leg keeping your house warm during the winter, when you can fix the problem at its source now? By replacing your doors and windows during the wintertime, you’ll address the root cause of the issue, saving money for years to come.
  • Special promotions: Since business is slower during the colder months, many companies offer special promotions on doors, windows and other construction-related items. Not only will you save money on your energy bill—and get your windows or doors installed faster—but you might save money, too.
  • Energy-efficient installation: As you know, windows, doors, frames and other construction components can expand in the heat and contract in the cold. Winter is actually a great time to install new doors and windows, because everything is shrunken to its original size. That allows the installation contractors to create a seamless, perfect fit—no gaps for warm air to escape in the winter.
  • Tax incentives: Often, local, state and federal governments offer tax incentives for energy-efficient home upgrades. If you choose the right windows or doors, you might be able to lower your tax liability. Since 2021 is almost over, your time to save on taxes is running out fast. If you’re already considering replacement, this is a great time to buy.

While few people think of winter as an ideal time for window or door replacement, it’s actually one of the best times of the year for these types of projects. You’ll save money, keep your home energy efficient and enjoy an improved aesthetic—what’s not to love?

For high quality doors and windows, Architectural Windows & Doors, Inc. has what you need. Call us today to learn more about custom installations and selection, and to schedule your window or door replacement for the coming winter!

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