How to Measure for Replacement Windows

January 18, 2022

Making the decision to upgrade the windows in your home with air-tight, energy-efficient ones can be an exciting endeavor. You’ll save money on heat during our cold Colorado winters, enhance the security of your home with more advanced locking mechanisms and make opening and closing them to enjoy some fresh air a whole lot easier. But the ordering process comes with something of a challenge—how do you measure windows to ensure you’re ordering the right size replacements?

Measuring replacement windows may sound easy enough, but if you’ve never done it before, it may be a little more complicated than you thought. Don’t worry—once you know exactly where measurements need to be taken, you’re in business. Read on to learn everything you need to know to measure replacement windows right the first time.

Take three measurements, three times each

When you submit your order for replacement windows, you will be asked to provide three measurements. To ensure your replacement windows fit correctly, you’ll need to take each measurement at multiple points in that plane. This is because your existing window may not be perfectly symmetrical. With multiple measurements, you are able to account for these structural inconsistencies and plan accordingly to get your new windows installed securely in the frame.

Here are the measurements you’ll need to place your order:

  • Width measurement: To measure the width of your window, you’ll need to measure between the left and right jambs. Do not include the window trim or parting beads in your measurement—this will give you an inaccurate number. Take this measurement at the top, the middle and the bottom of the window. Record all numbers and use the smallest one when placing your order—you’ll use wood filler to bridge any gaps between the window and the wider measurements.
  • Height measurement: Measure from the top of the windowsill to the top of the window opening. As with the width measurement, you’ll want to take three measurements at different points across the window—left, right and center—and use the smallest number when placing your replacement window order.
  • Depth measurement: Lastly, measure for depth—you’ll do this on the bottom, left and right of the window. This measurement is to ensure there is sufficient room to accept replacement windows. Open your window and measure the space between the inside window trim and the outside blind stop strip to make sure there are at least 3¼ inches of space here. Ignore pulleys and parting strips—these will be removed with the existing window. If there is not at least 3¼ inches, installing a new window here may not be possible.

Now that you know how to measure for replacement windows, once you’ve got all the necessary numbers and you’re ready to place your order, contact our skilled team at Architectural Windows & Doors, Inc. to schedule an appointment. We’ll discuss your specific window needs, troubleshoot any problems you’re facing and answer any questions you have before ordering the perfect new windows for your home.

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