How Long Does Home Window Installation Usually Take?

February 18, 2022

Windows often serve as our gateway to the outside world. Unfortunately, they have a shelf life. Even if you take great care of your windows and have them cleaned often, eventually you’ll need to replace them.

When doing research, you’ll likely want to know the average length of window installation. This makes sense because you’ll want to minimize the amount of time your house is exposed to the elements.

In this article, we’ll cover how long window installation takes, in addition to answering some other frequently asked questions.

How often should you have your home’s windows replaced?

Before deciding to replace your windows, it would help to know their average shelf life. While sometimes you can easily tell that you need to replace your windows (if they’re physically damaged, leaking water or don’t insulate well anymore), sometimes it’s not so simple. The general rule of thumb is that most windows last 15 to 20 years. If it’s been over 10 years and you’re noticing small problems with your windows, you should consider having them replaced.

When is the best time of year to have your windows replaced?

It’s important to know the length of window installation because that will indicate the amount of time that exterior air will be circulating through your house. When you schedule your window installation should depend on the time of year and where you live in the country.

If you live in the west, you probably don’t want to schedule your window installation in the middle of January, where average low temperatures routinely dip below 15°F. Try to have your windows installed during the milder seasons like spring or fall so you’re not shivering or sweating when you’re having your windows installed.

What factors affect how long window installation takes?

There are a multitude of factors that determine how long it takes to have your windows installed. The first factors have to do with your existing home, its windows and their respective frames. If many of your windows are large, custom or located on upper floors, that will increase installation time. Damage or rot around the window frames will also make the process take longer.

Another big factor is the type of windows you’re electing to have installed. Double-glazed windows, custom windows or windows with built-in blinds will take longer to install than basic vinyl or fiberglass windows.

How long does home window installation usually take?

On average, home window installation usually takes between 30 to 60 minutes per window. This means that your contractor can install about 10 to 15 windows per day. Keep in mind that these are averages and other considerations can alter that timeline.

From the time you call a window contractor to the time you have your new windows installed can take anywhere from 4 to 15 weeks. This is because you’ll have to schedule a consultation with your contractor and you’ll likely have to order your windows and wait for them to arrive.

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