Smart Glass: Everything You Need and Want To Know!

June 17, 2022

Smart glass is a versatile product used almost everywhere that ordinary glass is used. This technology is highly demanded than ever as more Americans are looking for more efficient solutions to their needs. Here is everything you need and want to know about smart glass.

What Is Smart Glass?

Smart or switchable glass is a glass whose light transmission properties are affected when light, voltage, or heat is applied. In short, they change from translucent to transparent and block all, certain, or some wavelengths of light. Smart glass helps control heat, privacy, and light in homes, businesses, and institutions like hospitals.

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Common Types of Smart Glasses

Examples of smart glass include:


Normally, the electrochromic glass is opaque. However, the glass changes from semi-translucent to transparent when light, voltage, or heat is applied.

Suspended-Particle Glass

The suspended-particle glass allows voltage-driven, reversible, and variable changes in glass transmittance, benefiting security, energy efficiency, and privacy. You can control the voltage through:

  • Apps
  • Motion detectors
  • Photosensors
  • Switches
  • Knobs
  • Integration with computer systems

Photochromic Window Tint

Photochromic window tint changed into a darker shade during the daylight. This offers ultraviolet protection but remains a clear view looking out.

Thermochromic Glass

Thermochromic glass darkens when the temperature rises. This technology blocks heat, light, and glare and retains a clear view.

Uses of Smart Glass

Here are some of the uses of smart glass:

Residential Apartments

Homeowners prefer décor options that enhance privacy. Thankfully, smart glass doors, windows, and partitions provide more privacy to its residents.

Hospital Interiors

Hospital suppliers use smart glass for operation theaters, testing laboratories, patient rooms, external windows, and doors. This ensures patients’ privacy and allows the hospital staff to monitor the well-being of patients safely. Smart glass surfaces are always clean, hence creating hygienic interiors.

Hotels and Restaurants

Smart glass complements the rooms by giving the décor an air of class and luxury, creating a modern, unique space for your guests to unwind in. Moreover, it makes the room look larger and allows natural light into rooms it wouldn’t reach with standard partitioning walls.    

Facts About Smart Glass

Let’s look at the top three interesting facts about smart glass:


The fire-resistant smart glass meets fire safety regulations and maintains a sleek and open working area. 

Sound Insulation

Smart glass has a diverse set of applications that reduce sound pollution caused even by heavy pieces of machinery at factories. Install this technology to help you shut off the outside world whenever you want and welcome it back when you’re ready.

Moisture and Heat–Resistant

Smart glass remains unaffected even when splashed with steam or hot water. That is why it’s a great fitment for your bath shower partitions, stalls, etc.

Is Switchable Glass Right For Me?

Simple answer: yes! Give your property an edge by using smart glass. They are a long-term investment in both the practicality and aesthetics of your office or home.

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Hopefully, you now understand what is smart glass, and you’re ready to have this savvy technology. At Architectural Windows & Doors, Inc., we’ve worked both on small home updates and huge-scale hotels, hospitals, and school fit-outs.

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