Proper Wooden Door Care

August 18, 2022

Your home’s doors serve not only as a point of entry and exit but also as a piece of your home’s overall style and appearance. You want to keep your wood and iron doors looking good and knowing how to care for your doors to keep them looking new can ensure they last for many years. The following wood door maintenance tips can help you keep your doors in top condition and with care, they can last for 20 years, if not more.

Four Tips for Wood Door Care

  1. Remember to Dust Your Doors: Dusting is a regular part of common chores in the home, but it is also an important part of door upkeep. Dust can collect on your wooden doors and over time can corrode your doors and also cause the coating to break down. This leads to surface wear and scratching. Regular dusting prevents this surface damage.
  2. Regular Cleaning: In addition to dusting, you should regularly clean your doors as well. Cleaning your doors does not have to be overly complex. Your doors can easily be cleaned with an application of warm soapy water applied with a lint-free cloth or soft sponge to prevent scratching. You should clean your doors at least once a month.
  3. Apply a Layer of Polish: Even with regular cleaning, your doors can become dull over time. This can be corrected by applying polish. There are several types of polish available that work on wooden doors and depending on the type of finish and additional benefits you’re looking for, you have many options to choose from. Types of polish include lacquer, wax-based, and varnish, just to name a few.
  4. Check the Other Components: In addition to the door itself, you’ll want to properly maintain the associated parts of your door. Be sure to clean the hinges, check the locks, clean the knobs, and clean the mail slot if you have one. Also, be sure to check the weatherstripping to see if it needs replacing, as worn-out weatherstripping can lead to drafts.

Final Thoughts

Regular maintenance and upkeep are an important part of homeownership. While it’s easy to remember to care for your home’s exterior and yard, the doors can easily become overlooked. This should not be the case, as without proper care your wood doors can become dull, damaged, and over time lose functionality due to issues with parts such as the lock. Simple care keeps your doors in good condition, nice to look at, and working as expected for many years to come.

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