5 Tips for Keeping Your Windows Clean This Winter

September 30, 2022

House cleaning is essential to keeping your home and property in good condition. Your windows help keep your home looking stylish and comfortable, but they also take more than heat and cold. As a result, they collect dirt and grime along the way, depending on the season and their location.

While window cleaning may seem normal during other seasons, it can be extra challenging during winter. If you’re wondering how to keep windows clean in winter, this post is for you.

Why Is It That I Cant Keep My Windows Clean in Winter?

The reasons why windows get dirty during winter vary from one home to another. People living in areas with hard water may experience challenges keeping their windows clean, as hard water can make them appear dirtier after cleaning than before.

Air pollution and the mode of heating you use to heat your home also play a role. If the air filters or air ducts don’t work efficiently, they can lead to an accumulation of dust and debris, which can settle on your window. Some window cleaners also leave residue behind.

Tips for Keeping Your Windows Clean in Winter

Here is how to keep your windows clean during the cold weather:

1. Use the Right Cleaning Products

With so many window-cleaning products available today, it can be challenging to know which products to buy for your windows.

To get this right, choose a window-cleaning product explicitly designed for winter use. Good cleaning products can help you clean your dirty windows after snow and maintain their style throughout the season.

2. Do Not Use Hot Water on Cold Windows

It’s tempting to use hot water when cleaning everything in your home to avoid freezing your hands during cold weather.

However, this may not always be a good idea as the glass may crack or weaken due to sudden temperature changes. Use warm water and wear rubber gloves to keep your hands dry and warm from the cold icy windows.

3. Stop Airflow

If your windows let in some air, you may want to repair them as soon as possible to help retain heat. You can cover small gaps using caulk and weather stripping for larger openings.

Remember, more airflow means more dirt and cold entering your home.

4. Inspect Your Windows Regularly

Develop a habit of going around your windows, inspecting and testing them. Know which windows have difficulty opening or locking smoothly during winter, which ones look too weak, and which ones have cracks. This will help you prepare yourself before cleaning them and give them proper care when doing so.

5. Invest in Quality Windows

High-quality windows are easy to clean, stylish, and durable. You won’t have to worry about your windows getting too dirty, breaking, cracking, or weakening for several years.

You can check your local market for durable windows and hire a professional to install them for you.

Installing New Windows This Winter? We’ve Got You!

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