Tips for Painting Your Wooden Door

November 14, 2022

Painting a wooden door can be a challenge. You might think that it is simple, you just paint the door, and it sticks, but to get the best outcome possible, you do have to follow some tips for painting a wooden door. Here are some tips to help make painting your wooden door easier.

Tips for Painting a High Quality Wooden Door

1. The first tip you can follow is to take the door off the hinges and paint it flat. This prevents drips and smudgre associated with trying to paint it while it is still hanging.

2. Thoroughly cleaning your door before you start painting is another thing you should do. Though you might not see the grime and dirt, most doors do have grime and dirt on them that can affect the overall way that the paint sticks to the door and how well it works. If you have a dirty door, the primer may not stick well, and the paint will not stick well, either.

3. If you have a door that has been painted several times, it might be best to remove those layers of paint to help make the surface smoother, to remove any flaking paint, and to give your new paint a better chance of looking great. Removing old paint can help make it easier to paint your door overall.

4. Fill holes and repair damage before you start to paint. You want to ensure that you are filling any holes, even very small ones so that your door is fully smooth when you start to paint.

5. Priming is another thing that you absolutely need to do. You should use a quality primer to help the paint stick to the door adequately and to ensure that it will not slip off or look blotchy.

Should You Paint Your Wooden Door?

It can be difficult to determine if you should paint your door or not. Painting a wooden door can help give it a new life without having to fully replace the door. If you take the time to prep your door, add the primer and fill the holes, you can get a great paint job that will leave you with a gorgeous painted door that will work for your home and your personal style as well.  

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