How to Tell If Your Wood Entry Door And Frame Is Rotting

February 17, 2023

When you have a wooden door or wood entry door and frame, it’s always a good idea to inspect it from time to time. One way to check for wood rot is to look at the bottom corners of your frame. These areas are most exposed to water damage from rain splashing against them and the threshold. 

1. Splintering Or Cracking 

Wood is an old-fashioned material that’s still very much in style, but it’s also a natural building material that can be vulnerable to decay. Rot is a serious issue that can cause air drafts, leakage, and other structural problems, so it’s important to know how to spot it and fix it as soon as possible. Splintering or cracking is a common sign of rotting. It happens when microscopic organisms, which thrive in moist conditions, eat away at the wood, causing it to decompose and collapse. To check if you have splintering or cracking, gently tap your door frame with the end of a screwdriver. If the wood splinters or if it cracks, you likely have a rotting door frame. 

2. Dark Spots 

If you notice dark spots on your door or wood frame, it may indicate rot. You could start by poking around the frame with a screwdriver or similar tool. Look for splinters or other signs of softness in the wood. If you find the wood splintering or crumbling, it’s probably time to take action. This damage could affect your home’s structural integrity and lead to costly repairs in the future. Moreover, it can also cause drafts and higher energy bills. 

3. Softness Or Pliable 

It’s important to inspect your entry door and door frame regularly for signs of deterioration and repair as soon as possible. A soft door or frame is an early indicator of rot. You can find this by gently pushing around the frame near the bottom and seeing if it feels pliable or springy. 

4. Cracking Paint 

Wood door and frame paint can often crack, peel, or flake. This is usually a sign that the paint is hiding moisture damage, which leads to mold growth and eventually rotting. If paint on your door or frame is peeling or cracking, it’s time to repair it. You’ll need to remove as much of the old paint as possible, sand it smooth and prime it before painting again with a high-quality latex exterior paint. 

5. Leaking 

If water leaks around the bottom of a wooden door or wood door frame, it can be a sign of rot. Generally, rotting of wood occurs when it is exposed to moisture and fungus. It can also be caused by changes in weather, which causes the wood to swell and shrink. This is especially common for outdoor doors like sheds and garage doors. Leaking door jambs are also a potential cause of air drafts, which can make your home feel colder and more uncomfortable. If you see these gaps or cracks, it’s time to look for a professional door repair company to fix the problem. 

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